Lamborghini Sian – Electric children's car pink (wing doors)


A Lamborghini is a childhood dream come true here it is Lamborghini Sian electric children's car This electric children's car can be controlled by means of a foot pedal in the car or by a remote control (forward/backward and left/right).

The children's battery car has a 'soft start' function that makes it accelerate a little more slowly, so your child will not feel a shock when driving. This means that even your smallest children can have a lot of fun with it.

This Lamborghini Sian now has 2x 12V motors, so you can easily drive over grass or sand. It can be set to 3 speeds with a maximum of 6 km/h. Setting is very simple on the remote control so that parents always have control over the speed of the children's car.

Furthermore, this beautiful Lamborghini Sian electric children's car has real gullwing doors, leather seat, full rubber tires, USB, Mini SD and MP3 input, LED lighting and more. The speed is gradually increased. Of course there is also a seat belt for the safety of your child.

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